Using Kelvin Temperatures To Your Advantage

I am happy to report that our industry professionals are becoming very talented lighting designers.  Many are trying different styles of lighting as well as the introduction of color into the design process. The use of different Kelvin temperatures in lighting designs is also becoming very popular.

 What exactly is kelvin? There are 3 temperature scales in use today, Fahrenheit, Celsius and Kelvin.  The kelvin (abbreviation k) is the Standard International unit of thermodynamic temperature.

 Let me describe the current Kelvin temperatures that are being used in the industry today. 2200k is a very warm candle light look. 2700k is a warm white, 3000k is a bright white and 5700k is a cool white.

 Many contractors use 2200 k for soft wall washing, especially on natural wood fences.

The 2700k is usually a suitable replacement for a normal halogen lamp.  Lighting contractors rely on this color temperature for their workhorse color.  A 3000k lamp can be used in place of a normal halogen as well.  This color is good for areas that may have more ambient light than others.

To achieve a cooler effect, 5700k could be a desirable temperature. Using 5700k in underwater and moonlighting applications can be quite pleasant. 

 My recommendation to any contractor is to purchase several lamps from your local supplier and experiment with them.  Try them in a previous job or in your own backyard.

This is a good way to know the performance of the lamp ahead of time and to become a lighting expert.

Kevin SmithComment