Small Space Illumination

There is a growing group of young professionals who are choosing to live in smaller residences. In many cities across the country, high rise condominiums are being built. These buildings often have community rooftopgardens and personal balconies. Older urban areas are also being refurbished and are catching the eye of this demographic group. These multi-storytownhomeswill often come with a small backyard and/or courtyards. Small spaces like these can lead to some incredible lighting opportunities. 

Rooftop gardens 

Rooftopgardens are often surrounded by elongated planters and seat benches. These spaces may also contain outdoor kitchens and water features. Hardscape lighting fixtures can be mounted under seat benches to provide reflective pockets of light. Louvered wall lights can be mounted into the planter box walls to provide path or area lighting. Trees may be planted in oversized pots in these spaces. A contractor can fish the low voltage cable through the drain hole at the bottom of the planter. This will allow for up or down lighting adorning the tree. 

Condominium Balconies

Container gardening is very popular on condominium balconies. Small topiary or Bonsai specimens will often be planted in fluted vessels. The vessels are normally placed strategically to frame the city view through the glass doorway. These trees can be illuminated with smaller up lighting or string light products. Lower plant material such as leafy stems and flowers also share the opportunity for illumination.  In many cases strip lighting products can be installed around the rim of a pot or planter. This will provide a soft glow or even a color changing effect. Both features will become a topic of conversation.

Townhome Backyards 

Townhome backyards are typically much smaller than single-familyhome backyards. Lighting opportunities can be huge in these spaces. A contractor may design with a larger quantity of smaller lower wattage lamps or integrated fixtures. Bistro string lights on separate switches can be installed for family entertainment.  Dimmers can be incorporated to set the mood and desired effect. Wi-Fi smart control systems can be much more affordable in these small backyards. 


When installing any such jobs, special care will need to be exercised. A plan may need to be submitted to the HOA or building committee. A contractor may need special insurance to work in a high-endcondominium. In most cases one will need to bring all job materials through the residence. Make sure floors and carpets are properly shielded. Furniture should be covered and moved clear from construction traffic. It will be important to visit all job sites at night. This will give the contractor a view of the competitive ambient light within the space. 


Small space, dream big! Light it up with class!

Kevin SmithComment