Landscape Lighting Maintenance

Exceptional landscape lighting requires regularly scheduled general maintenance to truly be “exceptional”!  Over time, pathlights lean, well lights fill with debris and adjustable up lights face the wrong direction.  All of these problems, caused by the forces of man and nature, can turn a beautiful landscape into a disaster at night. Proper and timely lighting maintenance is the key to attractive and everlasting outdoor living.  

Helpful Tips to Remember:

·     Schedule an evening appointment with your client or contractor

·     Check all fixtures for potential issues: lamp replacement, lens cleaning, proper positioning and dim lamps

·     Check for dark areas and possible safety hazards

·     Check the transformers and control devices

·     Flag any potential issues; repair and replace as needed

·     Clean or replace calcified lenses

·     Reposition any directional light illuminating in the wrong direction

·     Wax powder coated fixtures after cleaning (to repel hard water deposits)

·     Upgrade to energy efficient LED light sources.

·     Always, change the gasket or O-ring on any underwater light before installing a new lamp

Depending upon the lighting system, maintenance should be scheduled every quarter or bi annually at a minimum. Maintaining lighting systems properly will enhance a property and prevent potential safety hazards.  It is important to remember that lighting is a necessity and adds value to any property.  The better the lighting system, the higher the property value, so be sure to maintain it on an ongoing basis.

Kevin SmithComment