Irrigation & Lighting Similarities

The need for irrigation and the need for lighting are different… yet so similar. Some people might consider both a “nice to have,” while others would consider one or both a “need to have”. Whether for convenience, for safety, or for functional utility, irrigation and lighting do go together.

“Why Light?” or “Why Irrigate?” is the first thing a contractor should ask when visiting a potential client. Why did the client call me here? What are we trying to accomplish? In most cases, the client has no specifics on what they are looking for in a lighting system or an irrigation system. They may have a general idea, but no details.

One of the biggest mistakes a contractor can make is to simply drop off a lighting/irrigation manufacturer’s catalog and advise the client to “pick out what you like and I’ll install it”. We’ve all done it! This approach does not work well for the client—they need our guidance. But in our eagerness to make the sale, we forget to ask “Why?” While the install may go smoothly, the result is not always acceptable to the client because we forgot to ask what they were looking to accomplish.

Our advice: Carry a notepad, and keep the client talking until you have a clear understanding of their lifestyle and how they plan to use their professionally illuminated and/or irrigated outdoor spaces. If you ask them, your client will tell you how they feel about the task. This effort will set you apart from the 10 other installers out there.

Finally, you can also consult with your lighting and/or irrigation manufacturer for additional design expertise and product guidance if needed.

The table below points out similarities between lighting and irrigation. This table will help any landscape contractor compare and understand basic lighting and irrigation concepts.


Irrigation Table.png